Ways the Nazi's Killed millions without a trace

The Nazi's had destroyed millions of people during the Holocaust. Most of them were Jews.
A  young Jewish girl named Anne Frank was taken from her home and sent to the concentration camps.Now let's see how the Holocaust took place from her point of view.
The Holocaust was a scary time for Anne.They were hiding in an attic in her father, Otto Frank's work attic.The Franks were hiding from the Nazi's.If they were caught  the Franks would be brought to the Concentration camps and would never be seen again by their family again.

Anne Frank was only 16 when she died at the concentration camp. She died because of a rare disease called typhus.Her sister died also because of that disease.Her mother died because of starvation. Luckily her father survived the camp.

go to this website to get a timeline for Anne Frank
Time For when she got her dairy and until she died.

The Nazi's destroyed millions with the types of technology they had and they killed millions.For example the Nazi's worked People to death,shot them,they used gas chambers and the unsuspecting people got killed because of them thinking they were showers.Only a handful survived the gas.Anne Frank was among them,she didn't die because of the Nazi Technology she died because of a rare disease.

People :
Anne Frank: Wrote the dairy
Adolf Hitler: Controlled Nazi Party
Margo Frank: Anne's Older sister
Otto Frank:Anne's Father and only survivor
Edith Frank: Otto's Wife


"Anne Frank's History: The Story of Anne Frank." Anne Frank House. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2015."

10 Facts:
1. Anne Frank was only 16 when she died.
2. They used gas chambers to kill with a  deadly gas.
3.When the people had dug holes the Nazi watching them shot them.
4. Testing for a genetic super solider.
6. No water
7.Anne Frank died because of the disease called typhus.
8.Her sister also died because of Typhus.
9.Otto Frank was the only survivor.
10.Amsterdam was liberated a few weeks after Anne died.

Why was my topic important:
It's important to know why this bit of info is significant,many people died because of the death camps and starvation and other death machines.It hurts me a lot see millions of people in pain and this happened before I was even born. So any way love the things you have 'cause in a split second it could be gone and you could have nothing left.

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