Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft Tissue Sarcoma is not common but is very serious. Soft Tissue Sarcoma can happen at any age, but is more common for older adults, the average age is 57 years.


It usually does not have any signs in its early stages, but as the tumor grows it may cause a noticeably lump or swelling, there may be pain if it presses on a nerve or muscle.  

Possible Causes  

Radiation exposure can increase the risk of having it. Some possible causes of Soft Tissue Sarcoma are if you you were exposed to certain chemicals such as, vinyl chloride and dioxin. It can occur anywhere in your body.

Stages of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

The first stage of Soft Tissue Sarcoma is low-grade tumors that can be any size. In the second stage the tumors spread to the nearby lymph nodes. In the third stage it spreads to different places in your body.  


Treatments for Soft Tissue Sarcoma are surgery and targeted therapy.

Survival Rates

The survival rates for an adult is about 50%. 2 of 5 people get Soft Tissue Sarcoma every year.

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