Stop the Brutality!

Sherman's March to sea

This picture displays the horror of what happened

Sherman's "March to Sea" was a very violent event. Before his march, Sherman and his men had captured and taken over Atlanta, and now he wanted to take control of Savannah. On their way, they stole food from farmers, and to hurt the Confederacy more, they destroyed, burned, and robbed everything in their path. Also, Sherman split up his army into four and they each went to different places, to confuse the Confederates. Finally, when Sherman and his men arrived in Savannah, the army had surrendered. Even though his intentions were good, what he did was a little extreme. Many innocent people lost their lives. He should have not created all that violence on the way to Savannah, and waited until he got to Savannah to begin fighting. The things he did on the way had no purpose, because it didn't do anything except kill many people, and destroy many homes. Therefore, I think the actions he took on his march were not good ones.

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