UTA Reflection

Adriana Castillo

        Once we got off the bus it was cold outside, but once we got inside it was warm a little because all of the people in the building. My first thought about the campus is that it was calm,quiet,and beautiful! I would want to live in that area just because it was so calm. But after I was thinking that, we started to go inside the building. We only saw one school there and that was Carter Jh. It took like 30 min for all the schools to get there. When every school got there it finally started. We got to watch a film they made for us; it was pretty cool film. Once that was over the UTA students let us ask questions about college and we did of course. We got to watch a science show. That was the coolest thing I have ever seen. They took like 1 hour, but it was worth it! Finally everything was over everyone got to eat. It was so funny om how they said that it was over; everyone cheered because they could finally eat something. After we ate we got to sit in the comfy chairs they have in the stands because we were waiting for our bus to come a pick us up from UTA. I liked the part when we got to see the science show. The lease part i didn't like was when we had to sit on the floor the whole time.

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