The referee whistle signal of Fifa 16

Brazil still did not play well, Neymar seems to keep pace. The entire first half, Neymar only two moment to remember: 32 minutes back to Buy Fifa 16 Coins at futseller, and overthrew the "World Cup enemies" Zuniga from behind, gave Colombia a good free kick position; the first half coming Brazil hit back at the end, Alves precise ball into the box, Neymar Ospina flying header was saved, followed by blank range on the Arsenal goalkeeper has been under pressure in the body.

This is Brazil's best chance to equalize, if fabulous Ospina, blocking Neymar will score. Neymar suddenly angry the original, in his diving header, again raised his foot high Zuniga, almost hit Neymar forehead. Brazil on the fastrsandcheapfifa to the referee to protest, actually booked. This yellow card means that Neymar will end accumulated two yellow missed the group stage game against Venezuela. No Brazilian Neymar would happen? Think hard battle in Peru, Brazilian fans will miss Neymar.

Final Brazil 0-1 Colombia, when the referee whistle signal after the game, both players conflict again, ESPN reporter Paul Freitas said on Neymar and Vaca bars, they were both shown the red card! Eat red card after the game in, it's not a common thing, that is to say, Neymar did not score assists, but added ate one red and one yellow. South American football expert Nick pointed out that Neymar because of the red and one yellow, received at least two suspensions!