Logical Fallacies

By: Ashley Cox

Red Herring Fallacy

Example of a Red Herring Conversation:

Mother: "Its bedtime Jane"

Jane: "Mom, how do ants feed their babies?"

Mother: "Don't know dear. Close your eyes now."

Jane: "But mama, do the ant babies cry when hungry?"

The reason this is a red herring fallacy is because Jane (the daughter) is trying to distract her mother with another subject so that she can stay up a little longer.

Ad Hominem Fallacy

This is an Ad Hominem Fallacy because the bird to left presents the argument of human cloning and the second bird, instead of countering his argument he tries to undermine it by attacking his character.

Faulty (weak) Analogy Fallacy

Example of a Faulty Analogy is:

Employees are like nails. Just as nails must be hit in the head in order to make them work, so must employees.

The reason that this example is a Faulty Analogy is because although nails and employees both are similar by getting hit on the head, they are very different because nails are made to be hit and employees are people.

Straw Man Fallacy

This represents a Straw Man Fallacy because in the picture the green person on the left wanted to share credit with the author because he also contributed to the paper. But, the other guy misrepresented the what he said just to refute the green person's viewpoint.

Either/ Or Dilemma Fallacy

Example of a Either/Or Dilemma Fallacy is:

"You either support the war or support the terrorists"

This is a a Either/Or Dilemma Fallacy because the person is giving two extreme choices of supporting terrorists or supporting the war when their are clearly other choices to choose from.

Hasty Generalization Fallacy

This is an example of a Hasty Generalization Fallacy because in the picture the man or woman is making a conclusion with no support to back his claim.

Circular Reasoning Fallacy

Example Of Circular Reasoning is:

"Abortion is murder because it is the unjustified killing of a human being."

This is an example of Circular Reasoning because when trying to support the claim that abortion is murder with evidence, the person just restates what the claim is.