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Day 13: Draft Writing and Citations(the "fun"stuff)

I tried to incorporate a bit more enthusiasm into my lesson today. This is because the first part of my lesson required me to go over how to properly cite in APA format. Some students had looks like "this is not english class why are we doing this?" However, while citations are usually done in MLA and in english class, this was Psychology and should be using the America Psychological Association citation format.

This was not different than MLA, however I feel that I could have made a few things clearer as I presented the information the first few times. Something I could have done better was not so much break it down, but instead of them taking their own notes, have a graphic organizer or something to keep them attentive and also take down the proper information.

The second part was discussing the parts of the paper again. I kept referring to the students that the best way the students could base their paper and the order that I wanted, was reference the rubric that I gave them that I would be grading them from.

One thing I know I could have done better here is while I used my rubric to make up these sections, I still made a mistake by putting one part of the paper with another. I remembered however how I needed to stay consistent in what I needed to be saying. I knew that if I kept changing my instruction then it would result in many students becoming confused and a lot of complaints later.

My first two classes while it seemed to be a bit much they still grasped with a few questions. My last period class however, it seemed like I was speaking a different language entirely. Something that I need to do is understand what I need to do differently  when it comes to instructing my last period class. I am not sure on what that is yet but it is something that I need to work on. My host teacher says that I should not look at my last class as a problem, but a personality class. Which I feel that the level of teacher that I am now, dealing with a personality class might be difficult, however I feel that I can get it someday.

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