UTA Field Trip

Kathie MacPherson


  When I first arrived at UTA, I thought the campus was huge.  There were many different places to go.

  I liked when the student panel answered questions.  When they answered questions, it was a way to what the college experience would be like.

   I wasn't really interested in the science show.  I wanted to learn more about what college would be like.  The science show didn't really have anything to do with college, other than the fact that science was a major at UTA.

    I  think that for next year's tour, there shouldn't be as much sitting.  I also think that there should be more time dedicated to answering questions that students have, so that they can learn more about college.

    I would definitely consider going to UTA for college.  It isn't really close to my home, so I would be able to see the different parts of Arlington if I went there.  I've had family that has gone there, and they said it was great.  I'm pretty sure that with all the majors they have, I would be able to find the perfect one for me.


UTA is the fifth among national universities for undergraduate diversities  http://uta.edu.com

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