Okay for Now

By: Jon Ferrell

March 24
Again and Again

This book is constantly mentioning someone named Joe Pepitone, who is a baseball player in the book. Doug used to have his hat, until his brother stole it and a chain of trading it started, then someone traded it for a comb, and the person lost it on the highway. Later when they are moving Doug's best friend gives him Joe Pepitone's jacket which is what was given to him by Joe Pepitone the same time that he got the hat.

March 25
Tough Questions

The more and more I learn about Doug, the more I think that he is going to turn out like his brother's, and bullying people being a jerk. I think that although it's looking as if he will turn out like Lucas he will manage to turn himself around, and be a better person than the rest of his family and maybe even turn out to be as nice as his mother. I also think that he is not, to say, influenced by his father rather bullied, so he will be more influenced by his mother and turn out to be as nice as her.

March 26
Aha Moment

In the library the old man librarian is going to turn the page on the book, and asks if Doug draws, Doug begins to get angry quite quickly to someone who has recently been very kind to him. He gets angry because he thinks drawing is for chumps, and he doesn't want to be a chump, in conclusion, he has a very bad temper and tends to become mad over virtually nothing this is only proving the fact that he is most likely going to turn out like his brother and his father.

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