Cherry Blossoms
Jade Lee

Final Phase

I have not changed anything on my graph except for a few minor mistakes that my teacher pointed out. My graph depicts a flower and to be specific it is a cherry blossom. I called my graph a Cherry Blossom because the equations of number 1 and 2 depict circles that look like cherries, number 3 which represent a rose graph is supporting the two circles or petals in the middle, numbers 5 and 6 are line equations that portray the new sprouts growing from within the blossom and the the bigger circle number 4 is supporting the whole flower. This graph perfectly depicts my purpose.

Desmos graph (phase 3)

I experimented mathematically when I was pondering about how I should creatively portray my design and imagination with polar equations. I contemplated on how I should create my equations and make it so that it seems complex and creative. I used multiple equations such as lemniscates, limascons, roses, lines, circles and more but i thought that this graph best depicted my creativity and complexity of a polar graph project.

While i was completing this assignment, I realized that it was tough coming up with equations on my own but I realized how good I felt when everything was done and over and looking pretty complex. I learned a lot more about the complexities and variations of polar graphs and their functions and how each function has its own shape and style.

To be honest, I did not really enjoy this because it took a lot of time just for doing a math project and I got stressed because it's not like this is English class or anything. So, to be truthful, I did not enjoy this project that much, I was a bit annoyed at why we needed to write an essay for a "math" class.

In conclusion, all though I learned a bit more about the functions and equations of a polar graph, I did not enjoy this project whatsoever. It helped me to understand and grab the concept more easily, but I did not see a good reason to why I had to write an essay and self reflection for a math class.

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