Your ONE WORD SUMMARY goes here

project title/name/hour  (Industrial Revolution/First & Last Name/5th hour

Choose one word that summarizes the industrial revolution. Then, explain why you have chosen that word. Your rationale for that one word, should include evidence, both primary and secondary. You should use the PEEL strategy to write your paragraph.

1. Type your word and its defense in a google doc.  Be sure to include your references in the google doc.  (This does not need to be included on the tackk, but you should keep a record of it for reference.)

2. Create a Tackk account.

3. Create a Tackk that demonstrates your understanding. You should include the word, your paragraph explanation, at least one image, and possibly a video clip (if you have time to locate one). All of the elements of your tackk should be focused on supporting your one word summary.

4. Have at least one classmate review your Tackk for accuracy, clarity, spelling, and conventions.

5. Copy and paste the link to your Tackk into the google form (link below)

The standards we are addressing with this assignment are:

Explain how changes in transportation, communication, & other technologies affect movement of people, products & ideas.

Select, investigate, & present a topic using primary & secondary resources