Responsibility - Brandon Zirk

Most teens have no clue how to be responsible, and here are most of the reasons why.

Now a days teens aren't responsible, they don't do anything as a matter of fact. They don't want to clean, watch their siblings, or just anything. But the biggest thing is that teens need to learn not to drink until they are of age. (Which is 21) Statistics show that 39% of teens have drank alcohol, and 8% drive after drinking.

The importance of this issue is, well, very important. Drinking kills more than 100 teens every year. They need to stop and I know a solution. Teach discipline! That is basically all. If a teen has been taught to do the right things and discipline they won't go out and do stupid stuff. If you drink underage and you have a problem, please seek help and consult an adult.

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Underage Drinking

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