Weber 5th Grade Tablet Deployment

September 29, 2014

Digital Citizenship

  • Username: student
    Password: ccisd
    District: Clear Creek ISD
    Lesson Titles:
    • Sending Email Messages (12 min lesson)
    • Responding to Email Messages (8 min lesson)
    • Cyberbullying for Grades 3-5 (30 min)

Useful Websites

Let's start by exploring some very helpful websites. Practice clicking on each button to navigate to the different sites! Have fun......

Below are links to your amazing teachers' websites! Click on your teachers' name to find out why #5thgraderocks !!!!!

Message From Kid President

Language Arts Activites

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now you can get inspired by one and write a beautiful story. Simply select the artwork you like or pick a topic from the tag cloud and get started. All you have to do is drag one of the many image options provided by the artist and write your tale. Once you are done, save and share your masterpieces with others. Don't like to write? No worries. Simply read the many fun stories that have been created by others.

For the latest current events and hot topics explore dogonews . Spark your interest by exploring many different genres!

All Subjects

Click on the brain pop link to explore endless topics in different subjects!

I wonder...... click on the video to learn more about WONDEROPOLIS. Then click the button underneath to explore the site. Enjoy all of the wonderful ways to wonder! (#alliteration)

Optional Lessons For the Week

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