Nanotechnology is the application of tiny machines to do different things like energy, medicine, war, and other amazing things

Nanotechnology in Energy

Nanotechnologies can provide the chance to increase energy efficiency in all industries.It can provide renewable energy production through technological solutions.optimized production technologies  

Nanotechnology in the military

All of the U.S. military branches are currently conducting nanotechnology research.They are building new amours that will help protect soldiers better than they can be now. They are also building weapons to help protect the country. Some things they are making is a invisible cloaks that can make somebody invisible you can see more about it down below

Nanotechnology in health

Nanotechnology can be use to deliver drugs more effectively, it can also help in diagnosing diseases a lot more rapidly and sensitively than we can now, and delivering vaccines via aerosols and patches.It Can also help with cancer. Some say there is an urgent need in the developing world for better disease diagnostics. One way of doing this is by using quantum dots — nano-sized semiconductors that can be used as bio-sensors to find disease and which can be made to fluoresce. Some times is know as nano-crystals

Pros and Cons

Some advantages of nanotechnologies are it can help with cancer and can be use to upgrade weaponry everywhere disadvantages are the loss of jobs because nanotechnology can do it with little to no help from people


It will be available around 2040 for use by major companies. Some scientist say that we could be basically immortals.  


In 2040 it should be in all the major countries

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