Day 16 (part 2)

This is the full out explanation. So originally, I wanted to just have pretty much a rectangle standing up with a cube attached, with so much beams that the weight would be spread everywhere. Building day came, and I realized that it wouldn't work, so I just scrambled for any random idea. Then, Mr Ternent, (my STEM teacher) showed me a strut, and I saw how strong it was. So I put it through a bunch of pieces of cardboard, and then attached more cardboard on that. Then Friday rolled around, and it was a mess. I had 6 days left, and I didn't think that it would work. So I brang it home so I could get help on it. He mentioned that my grandpa could help, so I went over on Saturday. I worked for 7 hours on Saturday, but it wasn't done. So I left it there to dry, and then came back on Sunday to finish it off. I t took just 2 hours on Sunday, and I was finished. That's the story behind my cardboard chair!

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