The Thing About Beauty


One simply does not see beauty; everything has beauty, you just have to look deep enough to see it. Beauty is not comparable; something is not simply more beautiful than something else. Not to look with your eyes, but with your sole. Your sole has to be able to recognize the deep beauty, not just the shallow. Ones beauty can not be judged on looks. The inner beauty of ones self can be told through the actions of the past, present, and feature. They can be seen by those who understand the reason for which they took those actions. To see the beauty of the world, you must see the beauty of ones self.

To Be Individual

To be cut off from everyone would have its ups and downs. You wouldn't have any other people to take care of, no one to distract you, to take your things and not give them back. You wouldn't have to share your things with anyone. But you wouldn't be able to share the good times, funny moments, the sad times, with anyone either. But to be alone in the world, with no one to stop you in your tracks, to keep you from doing what you need to do in life, it would be bearable. You would be able to do everything you want; things people would normally label you crazy for doing, go where you want to go and not have someone complain. To support you self, you would have to have strength. Enough strength not to break down, and stay on your feet to walk tall.

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