Attractive Hang Tags help increase sale

When we visit supermarkets and malls to shop for clothes we are bound to see lots and lots of hang tags. These are the tags attached to the clothes with information regarding the brand name, fabric used, handling and care instructions, item number, and lots of other details. A hang tag can make the product stand out from the crowd when it is attractive. They add a perfect finishing touch to a designer clothing line or accessories. Hang tags play an important role in the company’s branding strategy as they creat an image about the brand in the customers mind.

Hang tags are often seen in variety of materials. Printed hang tags come in different color inks, and are routinely designed to include the company name, logo, and other brand identifiers. There are other types of hang tags in plastic, leather, and card stock materials too. They may also have the website address of the company, for the customer to visit their site to order more products or read the details about the product they have already purchased. Attractive hang tags make companies easily recognizable and they have proved to be effective because they allow similar products to be differentiated from one another.