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The truth about ADHD medication to treat Binge Eating Disorder

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A new study shows that when patients with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) take a drug called Vyvanse, they are able to control their compulsions and lose weight. In the trial there was a group that took a small amount of the drug, a group that increased the amount they took after three weeks, and the last group who took a placebo pill. The group that took the largest amount of Vyvanse was able to significantly lower the amount of binge days the sufferer had per week. To me, this actually makes sense because most of the time when someone binges, it is from a combination of boredom and sadness or loneliness. Taking a medication that keeps them focused better keeps them from easily getting bored, therefore preventing the binges. Some medications for ADD and ADHD have been known to decrease the appetite in the patient, which could also be why the people in the trial were able to curb their binges. In the study, one person actually died from a drug overdose so I really don't think that this drug is going to actually be used to treat the disorder anytime soon.

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