Red Kayak

By :Evan  Kember  Roberts, Laura Brooke Yarborough, and
Jillian Hester fox


Water safety tips

Do you know how to be safe in water? Do you know how to save someone form drowning? If you said no to any of these questions then you need to follow these water safety tips. Swim in designed areas supervised by lifeguards. Always swim with a buddy or two.Make sure everybody in your family knows how to swim. To save someone from drowning NEVER jump in after them. Always throw something to help them float. Never leave a young child alone by water. Have everybody on the water wear a life jacket. Avoid alcohol while around water. Make sure you have rules for your family water rules enforced.                                               


In 1936 kayaking became part of the Olympics. Kayaks have been used many times in battle. Pope John Paul 2 loved to kayak. Somebody made a kayak entirely out of sheep poop paper! Kayaking was first introduced by Eskimos as hunting boats . Kayaks were inspired by canoes. There is a such thing as inflatable kayaks. when choosing a paddle you should think about what kind of waters you will be kayaking in.


Our  thoughts about the book (Chapters 1-5)


J- " I like how it introduced everybody well."

LB- "I think it introduced the characters very well and portrayed it well."

E- "I thought it was interesting how it introduced everything. "


J- "I liked how they portrayed what happened before the red kayak well."

LB-" I liked how they explained that it was three months before. "

E- " I like how he explains that he keeps going over the accident in his head. "


E-" I like how Brady keeps his friends from touching stuff in the ambulance and cussing."

J-" I like how they made it dramatic at the end."

LB- " I agree with Jillian, it was so good and dramatic!"


LB- "I liked how they had all the action and Brady wouldn't give up on trying to save Ben."

E- " I like how he explains Tilly(Brady's dog) on the boat."

J- " I like how Brady describes Ben when he finds Ben in the water."


LB-" I liked how the chapter was exciting and very shocking!"

E- "I thought it was sad how Brady was talking about Ben during his death."

J- " I like how Brady was being really nice and being caring by working for the DiAngelo's because of what happened to Ben."

Character analysis (Brady)

        Brady is a boy going into 9th grade with his best friends J.T and Digger. He is very brave , but also he is sometimes paranoid. When a big event happens Brady cant stop going over it in his head. Brady is very sympathetic, and a very caring boy. He shows that when he works for Mrs. Diangelo after what happened. Also he is sympathetic about his sister. He also has a very serious mature side. For example, he acts very mature when he is in the court scene . He also was very mature when he tried to resuscitate Ben. He also was mature when him and Digger were talking about the drill and how Brady better not get Digger in trouble.

Compare and Contrast- Brady and Calvin

Calvin O'Keeffe from A Wrinkle in Time reminded us of Brady from our current book, Red Kayak. They are both sympathetic, serious, and the laid back type. Both are put in a hard situation and are forced to make tough decisions. but they both overcame the hardships. They are different in some ways though. First of all, there is a one year difference in age and Calvin has eleven brothers and sisters whereas Brady is an only child. Calvin and his family are poor and although Brady's family is not rich, they have enough money to live off of. Although they might be similar and different, those are the two characters we think are most alike.

Book Summary

                                    The  Red Kayak is about a boy named Brady . It takes place in Washington at the beginning of 8th grade. Brady and his two best friends J.T and Digger always hang out together. Digger is very stern and so is J.T. One day at school Brady gets checked out , because his dad needs his help looking for a missing lady and her son. When Brady's dog Tilly leads him through a run stream from the river he finds the son Ben. On through the book Brady finds out his two best friends J.T and digger might have sabotaged the red kayak. He is devastated.He works for  Mrs. Diangelo who survived the kayak mishap. He finally decides to do the right thing and turn his friends in to the police. This book is very mature . This book has many action-filled chapters.

Point Of View

    Brady is the main character telling the story.He never refers to himself. It is not third person because he talks from his point of view. It is a first person book. I think that the authors purpose for this book is for entertainment. Also I think that the authors purpose for this book is to teach about honesty,  and how it applies to your friends and your life.  Priscilla  Cummings thoughts for this book I think would be that it is a very mature book about a very serious matter. The book is very good but, it can also be serious. It also teaches you to always do the right thing, no matter what.

Sequence of events


Brady is at school when his Dad checks him out because someone was missing near the river. It turns out to be Mrs. DiAngelo and her son Ben and they found Mrs. DiAngelo but they did not find Ben. Brady went searching for Ben and found him near a old swimming hole. Brady had to give CPR to Ben. Ben's heart starts beating again but when he is taken to the hospital.


Brady finds his Dad's old drill in a pile of leaves and the drill had chips of the red paint on it, it was the exact same shade as the red kayak. Brady soon finds out that Digger and J.T. drilled holes in the red kayak to sabotage the red kayak! They didn't mean harm but it caused a boy to die, so Brady hid the drill so no one could find evidence. Then soon, Brady takes a trip to Rhode Island to visit his cousins.


Brady soon tells his Dad about what they did to the red kayak. He told the Court and Digger and J.T. were charged with second degree murder. Digger's Mom had been abused by her husband. At the end of Red Kayak, Mrs. DiAngelo finally decides to end up moving somewhere else because she cannot stand to be in the same place where her son, Ben, died.

Figurative Language In The Book

"...the price of crabs has gone through the roof."
Chapter- 1  Page-4                                  This is a metaphor because the crab isn't actually going through the roof.


"We waded through the ocean of yellow chicks..." Chapter-14   Page-102

This is a metaphor because the group of chicks is not actually an ocean, Brady is just using that as an example of how many chicks there are.


"...water can seem as smooth as glass." Chapter-1   Page-4

This is a simile because it uses the word as while comparing water to glass.


"Tilly took off after it like a shot and disappeared into the tall grass." Chapter-2  Page-11

This is a simile because it uses the word like comparing how fast tilly ran to a shot of a bullet.


"The wind was a sheet of ice against my face." Chapter-4   Page-22

This is a metaphor because the wind isn't actually a sheet of ice.


"I used to make goo-goo faces at her that got her so excited she wheeled her arms and legs around like a windmill." Chapter-4   Page-23

This is a simile because she was not actually a windmill.


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