Sofia with spooky hair and glowing eyes

Sofia of a house ready to fall to the ground

Sofia whose nose has a hump

is a girl that everyone's afraid of.

shakes her hand every time she gets angry

feeds on fear

haunts people in their sleep

rolls her eyes round and round fast

jumps in puddles trying not to see her reflection

Sofia tries to run from her own hatred

never late for her scares

tries to have fun,but doesn't know how

because everybody else is playing outside with there friends,but shes all alone in her trembling house.

Sofia inside that old black dress

inside that spooky body of hers

inside of all that hatred

is a girl trying to escape to happiness,but doesn't know how.

Protects herself from other people
fights people with a happy heart

sings depressed songs to herself

collects evil when she needs it

keeps on pushing away from what she really wants...................

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