By: Cooper Richardson

San Rafael Falls is the tallest waterfall in Ecuador.

                                            Ecuador Facts

Population:  15,740,000

Capital City: Quita

Currency: The America Dollar

Nieghboring Countries: Columbia and Peru

                                            Places To Visit

In Ecuador there is many great places to visit. Here are three great places you should go to when in Ecuador.

    The Amazon Rainforest: The biggest rainforest in the world

Here is some of the animals in the Amazon

     Galapogos Island: Great place to visit. You can have a relaxing walk across the coast and go swimming or even snorkleing and see all the amazing creatures.

Here is the Galapagos Islands and some animals there.

   The Pacific Ocean: If your in Ecuador you have to visit the Pacific Ocean. It is a great place to relax and rewind after a long day in the beautiful Ecuador.

                                    Local Expressions

If you visit Ecuador you will need to know these local expressions they use.

Arrarray: Too hot/ouch that's hot

Achachay: "brrrrrrr!" or expressing cold

Precio de huevo: It's cheap

Tengo unas ganas de jamar: I'm hungry

Chendo: Just kidding

Anda que te divierta un burro: Proper way to say "get lost!"

                                    Ecuadorian Foods

If you go to Ecuador be sure to try some of these Ecuadorian foods.

Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

    Soft and sweet. Comfort food for Ecuadorians.

Sopa de Carne y Arroz (Beef and Brown Rice Soup)

    A classic Ecuadorian soup.

Hominy Dip

    An Ecuadorian twist on humus.

Rice Pudding

                        Climate and Geography

Ecuador is a very diverse country at least in climate and geography position. The climate is tropical most of the time other than the mountains which are colder and dryer the farther up you go. Ecuador is very close to the equator so daylight hours don't change much. The average high temperature is a beautiful 80 degrees farenheit.

This is Chimborazo Mountain

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