Teaching Techniques

Teaching Strategy One

  • My research has told me that some children with Down Syndrome learn better when presented with visual cues, such as pictures of objects next to the written words, and Susan is one of these learners. To help Susan with her reading and writing skills I will work with her to create her very own work book. I will use real pictures of objects next to the written words so Susan can process and start to match the words to the pictures. Also, using pictures of Susan's family will interest her and make it personal for Susan. For instance a picture of Susan's sister with the written word "sister" and "Catherine" will help her spell and recognize those words. I will also make the workbook interesting for Susan by providing her with stickers of Disney princesses so she can decorate her book.

Teaching Strategy Two

  • In order to improve Susan's fine motor skills I need to help her gain control of writing materials and give her opportunities to practice writing and gripping writing materials. I will provide Susan with pencil grips and different types of writing materials like markers, colored pens etc to interest Susan to want to write. I will also provide paper that has larger lines to give Susan space to practice so she doesn't feel restricted.

Teaching Strategy Three

  • When teaching Susan Math, it is important that Susan learn the appropriate Math vocabulary along with Math activities. This will help her to learn Math skills and to match math symbols to the words. Teaching math symbols along with numbers will also help Susan to learn Math skills. Along with this providing Susan with real life situations when learning Math will also benefit Susan. For instance asking Susan to count the children present in class on a particulular day or how many pencils are in her pencil case