Rainbow Seahorse

Kyra Finkelstein

Description: rainbow colors, yellow body underneath, striped head (brown stripes), tail is an orange color

Ecological Information: inept swimmers, small fin on back flutters up to 35 times per second, anchor themselves to sea grass and coral

Physical Information: Small fin on back to help them move, male seahorses have a pouch, .6 inches (1.5 cm) to 14 inches (35 cm) long

Why does it intrigue me:They are unusual creatures and marine biologists are still researching them because they don't know much about them

Most fascinating aspect: They are rare and if they swim too long they can get exhausted, plus they wrap their tails around the coral to not be swept away by currents

How does it affect us: Removing them from the ecosystem will disrupt it, they are used in traditional medicine

What would be different in our lives if they were gone: trade of seahorses would be scarce and the seahorse economy would decrease, they are already endangered species

Fun facts:

  • Seahorses dont have scales, they have a thin skin
  • Found in shallow tropical water throughout the world
  • Swim upright
  • Seahorses dont have teeth or a stomach, they have to eat constantly to stay alive
  • In trade, they range from $600 to $3000

*The yellow coasts is where they are located

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