The   Adventures  of  Tycho    Brahe

By    Ricki    5B

  Tycho's    Life!

Tycho Brahe was a Danish Astronomer. An astronomer is someone who studies the Heavens. Tycho was born in Denmark, Knudstrup on the 14th of December 1546 and unfortunately died on the 24th of October 1601. His full name was Tyge Ottesen Brahe. Tycho went to two universities the first one was the university of Copenhagen and the second one is the

University of Rockstock (Education)

Tycho Brahe discovered a super Nova (a type of exploding star) in 1582 without a telescope because it had not yet been invented when Tycho was around. Tycho did the most accurate measurements using his eyesight and instruments. He was given an island and used it as his base from which to make astronomical observations. Tycho didn’t believe earth and other planets circle the sun. A Danish astronomer is important because observing and measuring the (rough) distance to a Super Nova is proving the firmament was not a God-given stable

Sphere but Tycho’s data was used by John Kelper to develop his laws.

Tycho felt that it was important to observe the planets and stars. His observations were more precise than earlier astronomers. Tycho's observations of the planets showed that the tables then used to predict their motions were inaccurate. He believed that if Earth moved in this way, he would see changes in the position of the stars. He did not realize that such changes were too small for his instruments to detect. But his observations later helped Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematician, to confirm that Earth revolves around the sun. Tycho reasoned that if Earth revolved around the sun, he should have been able to measure changes in the positions of the stars resulting from Earth's movement.