Come to Comoros for the time of your life

This is the housing in Comoros.

There house is a dwellings,they are still build in the country areas, they are wooden structures with coconut palms or straw used for the roof. These houses may consist of only two rooms. One room is the main living area, where the family entertains guests. A second room serves as the family's sleeping area. They speak french and Arabic

There is a lot of fish at the market.

       When they go to the market

For breakfast they have hot tea. For lunch they have sauce-covered starchy food, like cassava or green bananas, and meat.There is a hot pepper sauce, seasons all types of food . If the men can’t go home for lunch they go to a restaurant to eat.  Fish is also another popular food

                       A famous recipe

          Main DishLamb CurryIngredients:50 grams raisins

800 grams deboned shoulder of lamb
1 large onion
50 grams butter
2 deciliters fresh cream
1 teaspoon curry
1 pinch cinnamon


This is what the women wear on their marriage day
This is a skin mask

They have to wear these. This helps lighten up there skin.

   What they wear on there marriage day

       The men usually wear western style shirts and slacks. They wear nice suits for formal occasions.  Women usually wear Western-style dresses with colorful patterns and most carry a printed shawl. They don’t usually wear pants except in cities.

This is my flag

  This is I found my information and picture

The nation's president is ahead on their government. Comoros is called a different name then the U.S.A it is called Perfume Islands . It is based on the oil in the perfume.. With the once-valuable world market in these communities it is shrinking.


What the colors stand for the yellow, white, red, and blue, which represent the nation's three main islands of Mohéli (yellow), Anjouan (red), and Grand Comore (blue), as well as Mayotte (white), a territory of France in the Comoros Archipelago. On the left side of the flag, a solid green triangle contains the Islamic symbols of a crescent moon and stars, one star each for the country’s main islands and Mayotte.

    Three year old go to nursery school. When you are 6 you start elementary school. Then when you are twelve you go into high school.College being at age  .

    I like that they are 12 when they are in high school. They are 15 and are going to college. I like holidays they celebrate. They are different compared to the United states. I like thing that are different their.

This is the map of Comoros
This is what they do at "school".

Three year old go to nursery school. This little boy is sitting on rug. That he sits on when he prays. It is a religious thing they do.  This is where i found the picture and information. The private nursery schools are getting more common. The children are going there more.

This is what they do on there free time.

In this picture you can also see what clothes they wear. Some of the clothes are like what we wear in the United States. They also wear nice clothes they aren't all ripped up.They wear nice hats it looks like in this picture.

              The map of Comoros

This is a special place to visit

What they do on there free time

This is a special place they like to visit.   This is what they do when it is hot outside. When there is nothing else to do. They wear jean shorts when they are on the canoe. They make there paddles. The paddles are make out of wood.


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