10 Things Startups are Known For

Most startups don’t have the financial resources to buy or rent huge office space, not to mention shell out money for office furniture and computers, photocopiers and phones, along with a lot of other things that an office needs to survive. This is why more often than not these days, a startup founder is more likely to pay for a service office in Singapore rather than buy and outfit his or her own.

  • 2. A lean team

Everybody on the team has a role and those roles may often be many and varied but one thing is for sure: everyone there must work his or her butt off. Startups are no place for lazy workers.

  • 3. That collaborative spirit

Many startup founders also form partnerships with other startups. Collaborations are a great way to bring more ideas, structure, and fun into the work.

  • 4. The casual work environment

Most startups are not strict on rules. A small company of like-minded professionals often go to work in shorts, jogging gear and even a tattered shirt and jeans. The relaxed and laid-back attitude is often the draw for most employees who don’t like working in serious, corporate suits, in serious corporate hovels.

  • 5. Fun and young culture

Most startups are products of young entrepreneurs. So there’s often a sense of play in the way things work. There’s also an emphasis on fun, on exploring ideas, on being brave and following the process through. Most of the team, too, will be young professionals looking to try their hand at the work for the first time so there’s plenty of excitement and fear and learning all in between.

  • 6. Changes

Everything constantly changes in a startup. What was good yesterday may no longer apply today. That’s why startup employees need to be flexible and adaptable.

  • 7. A great training ground

Startups offer young professionals, especially first-timers, the chance to get to know the industry, to work with other professionals, to make mistakes and learn a lot.

  • 8. A diverse network

Startups attract all sorts of professionals. This is good news. Writers don’t just meet other writers, they meet developers, web designers and other online specialists. Artists don’t just meet other artists, they meet publishers and writers and business managers.

  • 9. Chaos

Startups don’t often have a clear-cut structure yet. Processes are often updated, and goals are often altered. Plans are modified. You have to expect and prepare for chaos.

  • 10. Passion

If there’s one thing—one best thing, that you should know about startups—it’s this: most of the peoplethere are people working on something they love and believe in.Today, some of the most dedicated and passionate employees on the planet are in startups.