My Favorite Class

My favorite class is Criminology because it is a very chill class. I am able to relax, as well as learn about laws, history, and the many other criminal processes.

My favorite Food.

My favorite food is fried chicken. Specifically from Bojangles.

My favorite Book

My favorite book is one of the Bluford series books called Someone to Love Me by Anne Schraff. It is my favorite book because it is very interesting, and really pulls the reader in because I am not a big fan of reading.

My favorite Movie

My favorite movie is "Norbit," staring Eddie Murphy because it is very funny, and will never get old to me.

My Favorite Musical Artist

My favorite musical artist is Torrence Hatch, also known as "Lil Boosie." He is my favorite musical artist because his music is real and actually makes sense unlike a lot of other rappers today.


My favorite hobbies are volleyball, softball, and sleeping.

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