The Legend of the Goat man

People have a bunch of different stories of how the Goat man came to be. Some say it involves escaped mental patients and Satanic rituals. Some also say that it was a farmer who went crazy after some teenagers killed all of his goats. But the most popular legend of the Goat man's existence is the result of a science experiment performed by Doctor Stephen Fletcher that went horribly wrong at his U.S Department of Agriculture Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. He confessed to creating the Goat man by crossing the DNA of his assistant, William Lottsford, with the DNA of a goat.

The Goat man is half-man, half-animal like creature said to be able to shape shift into other forms (such as people) to blend in with his victims before he attempts to murder them. Some survivors of the Goat man encounters have said that he hacks his victims apart with an axe while making ghastly sounds only the "Devil himself" could make.

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