Buckeye Burgermeister

Because somebody has to be the mayor of Buckeye football

8:00 PM Game Time, 5:00 AM Tailgate Time

Outside the team up north, there may be no one else we at the tailgate despise more than Wisconsin. Luckily for everyone in Buckeye Nation, the game is in Columbus, no visit to Camp Randall and that annoying Jump Around chant. Ohio State vs Wisconsin should be a good one, not just because of the matchup on the field, but also on account of the fact the game starts at 8:00 PM and we will all be tailgating at 5 in the morning. This may very well be the biggest game of the year, so if you're going to come to one tailgate, come to this one. The full crew will be in effect including Euro all star Dave Shaw and fan favorites Randy and Mary Ann Jacobs. The TV will be showing all day games and the grill will be pumping out great meats. Join us for an hour, join us for the day, whatever works, but come on out for an epic day of fun.

Go Bucks!

W, 76 - 0
No Tailgate. It's Florida A&M

Due to a variety of factors, there will not be a tailgate this Saturday for Florida A&M. Buckeyes are heavily favored and should pull out an easy win. Braxton Miller returns to action along with Carlos Hyde who promises to stay out 'da club after the game. If you feel inspired, Giant Eagle Market District often has rattlesnake on sale in the meat department. Nothing says crazy Buckeyes fan like grilling an actual rattlesnake.

Get ready for Wisconsin. Buzz cuts and cheese curds coming in for a night game.

W, 52 - 34

Easy win led by the music man himself, Kenny G. If you want view some hatin' spewed from a salty Cal fan click here.

San Diego State
W, 42 - 7
3:30 PM Game Time, 5:00 AM Tailgate Time

It's that time of year again Buckeye faithful. The first tailgate of the 2013 season will be this Saturday. Join us again at our usual spot at the corner of Fyffe and Lane Avenues. We'll be there starting at 5:00 AM, but understanding most of you don't share our dedication, stop by anytime before, during or after the game. This year the tailgate has some new features including satellite TV to ensure we don't miss out on any other great action happening around the college football world.

If you must bring an offering, bring some beer or snacks, but always bring that Buckeye spirit to show the Aztecs what it means to be from the Great State of Ohio. Go Bucks!

W, 40 - 20

No tailgate for this game as we saved our energy for San Diego State. Bucks take down an inferior foe easily. Next victim: SDSU.

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