Goiania is the capital of Goiás, it’s 209km of Brasília, the capital of Brazil. It has an area of approximately 739km². It has ‘cerrado’(clenched) as vegetation, it consists in crooked branches and small trees, the roots of shrubs are deep (to find water in deep soil regions, in times of drought), is a typical local vegetation with well-defined seasons (a very wet season and a dry season) and regions of sandy soil composition. The agricultural activity it’s an important form of economy in Goiás, It has large areas of pasture and crops. Almost half of the territory is formed by rural estates, it means, properties with more than a thousand acres.


Goiania is well know in Brazil because of our country music as

But it doesn’t means that everybody who lives here likes this kind of music, that’s why I can’t forget to mention that the band Cambriana is also from Goiania, here’s some of their music

Talking about music, here we have here the ‘Villa Mix’ fest; it’s a fest just for country music, where about 10 singers come to one day of fest.

There’s also a fest called ‘Bananada’, where there’re seven days of fest, it’s a indie-rock-blues-punk... fest, basically it’s not restrict to a gender of music, it’s mostly alternative music, bands like Papier Tigre, All People, The Obits, The Medics and many others were here this year. It happens on The Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Centre (that is a monument planned by Oscar Niemeyer, where there are shows, skate competitions and things like that almost every Sunday).


About places to go, we have many parks in Goiania, like 'Vaca Brava', Flamboyant park, where is a nice place if you want to relax, make a picnic or something. There are, also theatres, museums, some pubs and night clubs. I’d recommend any tourist or even people who lives here to visit The Clenched Memorial (‘Memorial do Cerrado’), it’s just amazing, I’d also recommend the planetary, I’ve been there twice and I’m sure that everybody who goes there get out amazed, as I did.


Monument to Peace

In 1988 attending a request of the Bahai community,the artist Siron Franco created the monument to world peace. Made in hourglass shape, the work is located in Bosque Buritis, West sector. In the center there is space where soils from several countries are placed. Until today, sixteen countries are represented. The objective of the work is to show the possibility of unity of all people around a project of peace for the whole world. The monument is five feet tall and weighs fifty tons. Australia, Israel, the Netherlands, Ghana, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay and the former USSR were the first countries to send samples of their soil. The hourglass carries the following inscription: "The earth is only one country and mankind its citizens"

Monument to 'Bandeirante'

On November 9th, 1942 was inaugurated the monument to Bandeirante, it was created by the artist Armando Zago, attending  a request from the Academic Center XI of August of the Law Collage from São Paulo, to be donated to the people who lives in Goiania. The bronze sculpture has three and a half feet tall and is located in the square Attilio Correia Lima - Old Square Bandeirante, at the intersection of avenues Anhanguera and Goiás,  at the Central sector. It shows the pioneer Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva in his whole body, having in hands a panning and being armed with blunderbuss. He was nicknamed by the Indian as The Anhanguera for setting fire into alcohol, making them believe that he'd put fire in rivers if they tried to stop him from taking the riches of the earth (in that time, gold).

Monument to The Three Races

This monument is localized at the square Dr. Pedro Ludovico Teixeira,the old Civic Square, between the Palace of 'Esmeraldas' and the Palace of Campinas, host of the municipal country government. It was created in 1968 by the artist Neusa Moraes. It's a structure fused with three hundred kg of bronze and it has three feet of high. It symbolizes the miscegenation of three races- black, white and indian, that happened and still does, forming the genetic and cultural characteristics of people from Goiania.It's one of the most known tourism point in the city.

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Vaca Brava, one of the many beautiful parks in Goiania, is a great option for a stroll and to relax. As there are no beaches in Goiania, the locals enjoy the green areas and lakes in the city.