GOLD Investment how it works?

Gold is the product which sells itself.

That’s why EmGoldex created a simple and affordable marketing program Goldex. According to this program any client of this internet store receives the unlimited bonuses in the long time period for advertising its production. The company expands its commodity market and the clients get a very profitable reward.
Does it sound good for you? Than I tell you what you are expected to do.
There are two simple steps.

1. You register in EmGoldex internet store and make a personal order. It costs 540 euros. Your order includes a prepayment of 500 euros for investment gold bars up to 100 grams and a subscription fee of 40 euros for the internet service or you can start in the preliminary table that will cost you 150 euros.
You get a personal internet office which helps you to manage your gold and money easier anywhere in the world. You pay only once it is also possible to withdraw this money according to the contract that you signed with EmGoldex.

2. Fullfill the marketing formula 1+2. In order to receive bonuses you need to recommend at least two people to purchase investment gold bars in the Goldex program this two orders will be considered at all subsequent circles and this people are expected to do the same thing to get their reward.

As you see this formula allows multiply the amount of orders. The business model of this marketing program is based on tables of orders. Each table consist of 15 orders that are placed in 4 levels. When you pay your order you get into the main table of orders. It looks like this.

Getting Started Is Simple:

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What Makes EmGoldex so Different?

There are 8 new and empty places. You can get one of those and it doesn’t have any influence on your following work which one you will get. As you can see, seven other people get already the 7 places on levels 2, 3 and 4 before the 8 new people will come to the table. They are coming from the split or division of other tables. They invite persons also so to fulfill the 8 empty places on Level 1. So I like to emphasize that is a business based on team work.

So the first level of the table is always completed by combined efforts of all people that are earlier there and the new ones as well. The orders are placed from left to right.

Once the first level of the table of orders is filled up the table splits into two new symmetrical tables of orders.

After the split, you moved down to the second level of the new table. At the first level of the new table of orders, 8 new empty places are created for new customers. As soon as the first level of table is completed with 8 more new orders you move down to the third level. And again there is a division of table of orders into two symmetrical tables. Then when the first level fills up with 8 new orders you pass on the fourth level.

The table is completed after the next and final division of the table. You are out of the table and ready to get paid…!

Subsequently investment of Gold bars for an amount up to 3500 euros are purchased for you.
I have to mention that you will get your 3500 euros maximum reward only if you invited two new customers when you were in the first and the second levels. If you invite the two persons when you are in the third and fourth levels you will get smaller amount of bonuses. But due to this marketing program each owner of the order gets his bonuses anyway.
Depending on the personal abilities and the extend that you want to earn money, the average time of completion of the circle that includes two tables takes from 1 to 3 months.

After receiving your gold from completion of the first table, you move to the second table of this first circle. By the way, EmGoldex takes back 7% of your reward as a fee. This is actually one of the ways the company makes money. When the second table of this first circle is completed and you also receive your second amount of 3500 euros you can stop working with the company or reinvest money again and continue to a new circle. I am sure that if you are willing to create a consecutive income you will really like to continue. Moreover all the people that continue to collaborate with EmGoldex and buy new orders, follow the one who invited them. So all your recommendations follows you after your new order, as long as you continue to collaborate with the company.

What are you supposed to do with your investment of gold bars?

1) You can sell them back to the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get cash money into your bank account.
2) You can leave gold bars for safe keeping in the Pro Aurum certified vault (treasury)
3) You can receive your gold at your home using insured mail or take it from vault by yourself.
As you see it is easy and profitable to invest your time and money and get an excellent reward. This business is affordable for everyone. For this job it is necessary to have internet and a huge desire to achieve financial and lifestyle goals. I am quite sure that you will like this opportunity to do business.

Now the Big Question!
I like the system; I like the Gold, but… I don’t have 540 start on the main table…

Ok! Follow me to show you the solution… We Can Help You Start...

As you see it is easy and profitable to invest your time and money and get an excellent reward. This business is affordable for everyone. For this job it is nessesary to have internet and a hudge desire to achive financial and live goals. I bet you will like this opportunity to do business.

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