Golf & Games - Part Tree

Saturday, August 2nd:  Golf at 2pm, Games at 6pm

It's time for another day of golf, games and fun!  

Who Can Participate?  Anyone!  Once again, we're only playing 9 holes and we'll play best ball, so all skill levels welcome.  This is an easy and low stress way to get out on the course!  If you can't make golf, you are welcome to join us back at The Garage Bar - this may be it's official opening - to play yard games, eat drink (more) and hang out!

When & Where?                                                                                                                          GOLF! 2:00pm:  Highland Park Golf Course at Chagrin & Green Road in Beachwood. Please plan to be at the course no later than 1:45pm! The cost of golf will be around $20/person, including cart.  Everyone will pay individually when you arrive.  (*But, we need to make sure we reserve the right tee times, so please see RSVP info below!)

GAMES (Following Golf)!  6:00pm-?:  Games, Dinner & More Fun!  After golf, we'll be headed to the Official Opening of The Garage Bar at 3715 Traynham Road (yes, that's Wrigley's house - just 5 minutes from the course!)  We'll be ordering salad, pizza and wings for dinner from Pizzazz.  It will be $10/Adult and $5/Kids for dinner.   BYODs (Bring Your Own Drinks)!  

RSVP by Wednesday, July 30th Please!

For GOLF:  Please RSVP below and then in the Comments box (end of page) add the names and skill level of each player (1=pretty damn good, 2=some game, but not consistent or 3=beginner/new to the game).

For DINNER:  Please also RSVP in Comments Box (end of page) with # of Adults & # of Kids that will be joining us for dinner by July 30th as well!  

Looking forward to another fun-filled day with you!

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9 people are going
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9 going2 maybe3 no
Brandt (+1) 3 years ago

1 for me and 3 for Naomi

Nicole Stika (+1) 3 years ago

Only one dinner for us tho!

The Browns (+1) 3 years ago

2 for golf and 2 for food. Jeff is a 1 and Erin is a 2 or 3, maybe.

TBone 3 years ago

I'm a 5 golf skill. WORST than beginner

jason conn 3 years ago

I'm not a beginner, yet still a 3. haha

Colin conn 3 years ago
? kelly burdsall 3 years ago

We might stop by for a "hello", but probably not for dinner. Love the garage bar!

? Dyann 3 years ago

Right now, I'm supposed to head to the islands this weekend . .but if the weather changes, I am in.

Jesse Keirn 3 years ago

Hope this doesn't mean I never get to see the famous Garage Bar.

Christine Baylis 3 years ago

No golf for William and I. 2 For dinner.

Apap 3 years ago

I'm so bummed to miss- I'll be kicking it in Sandusky for Bike MS...

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Gabriel and I will join everyone after golf-Don't count him in the food total, though, because he won't eat:)

3 years ago

William and I will join after golf also. We can't golf this year. We are putting a new roof on our garage.