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If you want to find an accurate and true review about several software products, you are on right place. The below information is written based on the objective opinions and completely not related to the views of the sales

Viral Optins Review

In this review you will know how Viral Optins working and what make it different with other products. Good review

What is Viral Optins?

Creator: Wilco de Kreij

Product Name:  Viral Optins

Focus: List Building

Launch Date: 2013-04-30

Price: $17

Viral Optins is a WordPress plugin with an unique approach to drive massive viral traffic while building email lists. It is released by Wilco De Kreij the founder of hot product WP4FP2.0. Wilco is a successful person in Internet Marketing field. Because of the remarkable success with previous products, so now his name represents outstanding quality products. His products not only belong to a famous brand but also are great achievements he got from working hard

Who is Viral Optins works for?

Viral Optins works for all people who has a website for online or offline business and despeartely want to build a high profitable email list. This plugin is suitable for all people with all experience ranging from beginning to advanced level. Whether you are just a newbie with zero technical skill or professional, you can take full advantage of Viral Optins features to increase your email subscribers.

Viral Optins is similar to other same products in that it has all strong functions of a list building plugin. Besides, it also creates opt-in boxes that will attract your sight; you can optionally set up and put these boxes anywhere on your web

What are outstanding features of Viral Optins?

I know you are such in a hurry to know the answers, here they are:
For other products, you only get one- way information about the customers but for Viral Optins, you can get the responses from the customers in return. This is an effective business strategy because Viral Optins will send a trackable promotion link to every subscriber. Based on that, we can classify visitors who are potential buyers, normal customers or VIP customers? Then you raise them to higher position. Thus, one of outstanding features of Viral Optins is to call action from customers.

For sales, you can introduce promotions to make your customers feel excited such as: “ Buy 2 products, get 1 free”, “ If you successfully introduce to 3 new visitors, a 20% discount will be available for you” or “ If you get VIP grade, you will get free download [A]”… All your customers will be ranked and every customer can become a reseller for you
The traffic to your web will start increasing exponentially because your customers will be people who are energetic in introducing effectively your web to their friends
Viral is not only a tool but also a humane assistant that benefit business strategy, advisement methods. It is completely automatic, you just make statements and Viral Optins will do it for you

What benefits when buying Viral Optins?

Owing Viral Optins, you not only did buy a reputable product but also did buy a long guarantee because Wilco always improves his product every day. I know as a famous inventor, he always takes responsibility to his product

There will be no risk because you will be given a 100% refund without any bothering question if you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days from the day of purchase. The sales will take that risk for you

Price: $17 for Single License and $27- $37 for Unlimited License. This is really a reasonable price for all advantages that the product will bring to you. Now I think you are hurry to own it immediately. Do not waste your time, let quickly click on here to download the product and you can get an opportunity to become 1 in 10 people get a “big” present bonus with the price is up to $2000

FB Business In a Box [PLR Package]

Just start below $10 buck, you will get FB Business In a Box PLR Package that include:

  • Fully Rebrandable 82 pages of Facebook Marketing E-book Guide
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Mind Map
  • Professional Mini-site with Affiliate Page & Thank You Page
  • Highly Converting Sales Copy
  • 4 Promotional Swipe Emails and 9 animated Banners
  • Professionl graphics
  • How to setup these sales pages in 3 simple steps
  • Complete Facebook Resources Report
  • Some Extra bonuses

If you choose the option to upgrade, you will get

  • 10 Step by Step Video Tutorials
  • Voice over scripts, Audio files
  • 30+ Power-point slides for editing, presentation, webinar, seminar etc.
  • CDs, DVDs and Complete graphics package
  • Updated html with all the video courses & Improved Sales copy
  • Done for you squeeze page
  • A high quality 23 Pages of report to presell the main course
  • Thank you page with download stuff (PSD & Html)
  • 5 Email sequences to sell the main course when someone opt-in for list.
  • A Facebook marketing blog
  • 10 facebook marketing PLR articles
  • Keywords for SEO purpose & PPC purpose.
  • Training on How to make money with our business in box.
  • Social media profile, cover and BG graphics for:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You tube
  • Google+

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 Review

Product Name: Rocket Video Ranker 3.0

Creator: Bill Cousins

Focus on: SEO and Traffic

Launch Date: 2013-07-09

Launch Time: 14:00 EDT

Bonus Page: Yes – Clicking here to receive huge bonus worth over $1500

Price: $17

Official Website:

This will be the latest version of Rocket Video Ranker (RVR).  The first version RVR 1.0  and RVR 2.0 received WSO of The Day.

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 – Why should you need it?

  • The first 2 versions both were top sellers with version 1.0 getting WSO Of  The Day and version 2.0 receiving JVZPOTD not just once… or twice… but 3 times while it was live on the Warrior Forum!
  • Your list is going to love this especially if they are into using YouTube and learning how to rank their videos on both YouTube and Google. The Rocket Video Ranker method uses YouTubes own ranking algorithm, status and power to Rocket your videos to the top and KEEPS them there!
  • I have been working on and testing some new methods that have been working well and this latest version of RVR will walk your buyers through them step by step using high quality HD videos and everything is set up in a super nice membership site using Optimize Press andWishlist Member.  And much more…

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 Features

All the videos are being created this month so your list is going to know this is some of THE LATEST STUFF as far YouTube goes! Here is some of what will be covered…

  • How to do the correct keyword research so your actually starting out on the right foot as far as the ranking terms you are going after.
  • How to set up and optimize the new YouTube One channel layout to get the most ranking power in 2013
  • How to create super professional high converting videos easily and cheaply (slide show music only videos are out).
  • How to upload… Optimize… and tweak your initial settings for the Rocket Effect!
  • How to use YouTubes own ranking and authority to push your videos to the top and keep them there!
  • How to use the YouTube video description area in a whole new way (no one else is teaching this)
  • Plus a few more of the very latest ranking tweaks that can be used to keep your YT videos on top!

Easy Split Tester Review

Product Name: Easy Split Tester Review

Creator: Chaim Stein

Official Website:

Launch Date: 28/06/2013 11:00 AM (EDT)

Easy Split Tester is a simple plugin that allows you to use the same type of marketing data that literally EVERY big time marketer uses.  The big online companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft do this too.  In fact, I’m not aware of ANYONE doing 7 figures online who isn’t do this.

Split testing is a method of increasing your conversions. That is, increasing your subscribers and you’re sales.  It works by making two (or more) variations of a web page.  It cycles through each version to different users.  Then it reports back on how each variation performed.  This gives you the ability to KNOW WITH CERTAINTY critical things about your page or post.

  • Easy Split Tester is a WordPress plugin that makes split testing drop-dead simple.
    • This plugin tracks pages and posts and has a super-easy-to-use tabbed interface.
    • Anyone can set up a split test easily, without the monthly fees of competitors like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely.
    • This is the fastest, simplest way to start increasing conversions, just minutes after setting it up.
    • This WordPress plugin makes it super easy to increase your optins, sales, and my PROFIT.
    • Split testing helps you squeeze more profits out of your websites without needing more traffic.

What features Easy Split Tester contains?

  • Works with pages and posts
  • Super-Simple to use tabbed interface
  • Real-time results in pro version
  • Calculates EPCs (Pro Version)
  • “Sales Funnel” feature lets you set all the winning variations from one convenient dashboard (Pro Version)
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to get started—almost nothing to learn!
  • Easy to understand the results
  • True “statistical significance” for the highest possible accuracy. No guessing here! Easy Split Tester displays the exact level of statistical confidence of every test and every variation.
  • Change the desired statistical confidence level for the winner