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EZ AzonCartLink Plugin

EZ AzonCartLink is a WordPress plugin  and it comes with Master Resell Right license. Perfect if you have list that interested in Internet Marketing products, Amazon affiliates and PLR or White Label products.

With Master Resale Right license then buyer can sell Resell Right, there are not many good products that came with MRR so this one will be hunted. The market for WordPress plugin niche and Amazon niche is really HUGE

What features EZ AzonCartLink Plugin contains?

  • The product is a WordPress plugin with Master Resale Right License which is something that people have always wanted. The plugin enables users to easily an Amazon Add-To-Cart link which will extend Amazon cookies to 90-Days and will result into a better conversion
    • They handle Customer Support seriously & our last 3 product launches returns with only two refunds.
    • They will reciprocate and promote your launch also (of course if you let their to participate on yours). Not often but sometimes you can find their name (BCBiz or LeoLover) in several leaderboards.

Are you seeking a way to increase double or even triple income from your blog? Or Do you want to conversion rate ?Promote this products to your list then your subscribes will get lots of money selling this plugin and they will thank you and love you even more.

EZ AzonCartLinkEZ AzonCartLink   is the first WordPress Plugin that allows marketers and affiliates to  promotions. This new WordPress Plugin is developed by BCBiz. BCBiz is famous with his best selling known as ZonParison WP Plugin, WP Cyborg, AzonMegaMenu WordPress Plugin, EZ Review WP Plugin.

And now, you have a chance to use this awesome tools, just use it as your own way to turn your visitor into buyer.

Meme Press

Meme Generator is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content. When you add user-generated content to a site, you can drive viral traffic and make BIG bucks.

Meme Press is a premium WordPress theme that has been designed to help you get the most out of Meme Generator.

You can now have a website just like,, and in just a matter of minutes!

Needless to say, Meme Press will serve as an irresistible upsell to Meme Generator.

What benefits you get when owning Meme Press?

  • This plugin is  easy to use for your site
    • Create their own content
    • When humor is involved – community follows.

I highly encourage that you go pick this plugin up TODAY and start implementing it immediately!

Memes are the traffic generation method of choice for 2013. Are you going to make it part of your business

Video Curation Pro

Product Name: Video Curation Pro

Creator: Dan Lew

Focus on: SEO, Marketing, Software

Launch Date: 2013-07-12

Price: $27/Month

Official Website:

Video Curation Pro – Video Marketing Angle.

Over 1.5 Million lines of code and 15 years worth of development expertise have been poured into this amazing new video marketing software.
Check out why it’s going to change video marketing forever!
Peter is a rockstar when it comes to creating groundbreaking software that does a lot more than justsound cool and look good — it actually gets RESULTS. (He’s the mastermind behind the infamous EVO PRO Seo software) And now he’s unleashed “Video Curation Pro” which has been quietly tested by some of the sharpest minds in online video marketing the last few weeks.

Why should you care?

Because after being put through the ringer, this software has been crammed with a TON of powerful features to rank videos for any keyword phrases you wish. Plus, it does ALL the curation, creation, uploading, and much more for you. Be sure to act fast though because the price WILL be going up.

Video Curation Pro – Internet Marketing Angel.

Video Curation Pro here, and I know you’ve seen a lot of talk about video marketing in your day, right? Where everyone is telling you how powerful and profitable it would be to churn out a bunch of videos for your niche and upload them?
You probably think you’d have to strap yourself to your computer for hours, creating…editing…uploading…and optimizing videos one at a time. But now, there is a brand NEW tool to plug in the keywords you want to rank and EVERYTHING is created for you.
There’s nothing else like this: Get Now
This amazing piece of software curates ALL your video content for you and automatically creates and uploads as many videos as you have keywords you want to rank for. And it’s not a worthless video spam fest, either…
Right out of the box, people are getting results and RAVING how well these videos rank in Youtube and organically through Google searches.
If you’re like me, adding something like this to your arsenal can unlock massive potential profits for your own products, affiliate promos, even offline business clients.
Especially when you’re able to rank even the most stubborn keywords at will.

Video Curation Pro – Authority Angel.

Peter is a well-respected developer who JUST launched Video Curation Pro (this morning/afternoon/night/yesterday), and some serious video marketers have been drooling all over it.

This thing is slick because it curates all of your content…then Video Curation Pro uses what it finds to create, upload, and optimize each video for you.
I’m talking dozens, even 100′s of high-ranking videos and all you have to do is spend a few minutes to get it setup. Then walk away…or kick back at your desk and grin while all the hard work done for you.

Already, people are showing up at the top of Youtube AND organic Google searches.(Imagine having the TOP TWO search engines in the world pumping free targeted traffic to piles of videos you’ve ranked with little effort.)

Whether you’re an affiliate, product creator, into offline marketing, or just getting started…I’m sure you can see how powerful this is.

Every time I hear about a new piece of software, I’m always a little skeptical…But a new tool that creates and ranks videos has been getting some REAL results and rave reviews…even from video marketing pros.

Video Curation Pro allows you to specify a bunch of keywords and then it goes out to find relevant content and create dozens of optimized videos that rank high in search engines.

VCP also has some cool features like automatically creating “video tables of contents” to target extra keywords and even geo-targeting if you want to rank for local phrases.
Plus, you can rapidly generate PDF reports for every video…which is perfect if you decide you want to use the software to make and rank videos you charge offline businesses for.

Azon Insta Review- Create Product Reviews In Less Than 2 minutes

Ryan Martin and Dylan Kingsberry have developed this awesome WordPress plugin Azon Insta Review  that will truly change the way you do business.

With Azon Insta Review, you’ll be able to:

  • Create unique product reviews in less than two minutes
  • Only pull the information from the Amazon listings that you want
  • Create banners for your website in under two minutes

All you have to do is select products from amazon and making your unique content in 2 minutes.