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Engage Rocket

Product Name: Engage Rocket

Creator: Mark Thompson, Phil Benham

Focus on: WordPress Plugin, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, SEO

Launch Date: 2013-07-16

Launch Time: 11AM, EST

Price: $27

Official Website:

Engage Rocket is the FIRST WordPress plugin that allows you to leveraging the Facebook Open Graph.  We’ve taken the FB marketing strategies large brands are using like MapMyRun and Spotify (ie: Ryan just ran 3.42 miles using MapMyRun or Sarah is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify) and brought it to all Marketers.

About the authors?

Engage Rocket was created by Mark Thompson and his partner (Anthony Devine, Dylan Jones). He is a full-time Internet Marketer with over 5 years experience and the creator of StayOnSearch. Most of his products were sold crazily, such as: Longtailpro, BonusPress, IntelliTheme, WP4FB 2.0 and List Eruption 2.0. You can go Google and check them, I didn’t lie to you. And I think Engage Rocket is not an exception. You can see what people say about Mark Thompson:

Why should you need it?.

WordPress are used commonly by bloggers because it is created friendly with SEO. The main works of WordPress is based on themes and plugins. To improve your WordPress site’s search engine rankings, besides good content, you also need to optimize your site for Google engines. It seems like there are WordPress plugins for almost EVERYTHING
In this process, Mark Thompson launched WP plugins engage rocket built by marketers for marketers that is an All-in-One Suite for building professional.

About the Product and Main Future.

Engage Rocket is the FIRST WordPress plugin that allows you to leveraging the Facebook Open Graph. We’ve taken the FB marketing strategies large brands are using like MapMyRun and Spotify (ie: Ryan just ran 3.42 miles using MapMyRun or Sarah is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify) and brought it toall Marketers.

Leveraging the open graph involves a lot of programming and technical skills.
Which is why we had pre-configured + pre-approved actions already created that are approved by Facebook:

  • Join a Product Launch
  • Claim a Giveaway
  • Claim a Free Gift
  • Attend a Webinar
  • Attend a Hangout
  • Adding More Soon…

Lock any page on your site and require the user to “Connect” to their Facebook account to unlock any content you want to provide them. This does two things:

  • Adds them to your Email List / Auto-Responder
  • Posts that Action on their Wall, Timeline, Newsfeed

AK Elite Software

Vendor: Brad Callen

Product: AK Elite Software

Launch Date: 2013-07-09

Launch Time: 12:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $147

AK Elite Software- About the  Brad Callen

AK Elite Software is product of  Brad Callen. He is famous about SEO Link Vine website, Keyword Elite Software, Article Spinner, as well as Article Submitter.Brad Callen and Bryzen Software offer quality information to help assist business owners, both big and small. They offer information in how to generate more internet traffic to their website; as well as informing business owners how to convert that traffic to sales

What benefits you get when owning AK Elite Software

  • Easy to use
  • The easiest ways to make money on the internet
  • Automates everything that people  have already been taught to do manually
  • Teach you the specific tasks that you need to complete to have your Kindle book rank high
  • To increase your raking in the Amazon Kindle market in a short period of time.
  • AK Elite Software is now automatic.

Offline Client Grab

Niche: Offline Client Grab,Luke Gregory

Seller: Luke Gregory

Release Date: 7/10/2013

Payment Gateway: JVZoo Price: $10

Everyone always makes the mistake of trying to sell  high ticket items straight away, with Luke’s system he focuses on making that connection with the prospect, building the trust and then up sell the higher ticket services, just like these big corporate brands do.

Offline Client Grab Overview:

To get the list of customers is the quickest form offline. Now, Offline Client Grab will help you.It is is a proven system to  acquire client is  using direct mail or email and a loss leader- 85% of consumer”s now look reviews of a product or service before making a purchase so business are trying  everything they can to get positive feedback online.

Offline Client Grab Review – What features it contains?

  • To creat hight quality design
    • Offline Client Grab is Designed for conversion
    • It is Easily edit in PDF reader
    • High Converting direct mail and email

Rapid Content Wizard

Product: Rapid Content Wizard

Release Date: 7/15/2013

Price: $37

Official site:

Rapid Content Wizard  will help you so that you get to promote the prelaunch and keep your commissions and make money on future sales as well. With a LIFETIME cookie. they are hard coding every cookie.So they  have implemented a new technology that allows them to hardcode your leads with your affiliate ID and that allows us to…

  • Rapid Content Wizard software is the program which will help you solve all of your content needs.
  • Rapid Content Wizard creates human readable highly unique and very high quality content on the fly with in just a minute.
  • You may think that there are a lot of software out there which will generate content by scraping online sources, but trust me “Rapid Content Wizard” is completely different compared to all those software. The difference between all those software and Rapid Content Wizard is that those software will just scrape an article from any of the article directories available online and then add Unicode characters to our content which will make the content look different for search engines but even though it looks the same for our naked eye. But the problem with this approach is this content will never rank in search engines as the content is visible as nothing but gibberish to search engines.
  • But when it comes “Rapid Content Wizard”, it scrapes articles and content from tons of sources and then does human readable spinning as per the context and then follows its unique powerful algorithm to spin the phrases so that the content will appear unique to search engines in a complete manner. And also the main advantage of the content generated from Rapid Content Wizard Software is that it is already SEO optimized and it ranks in very short amounts of times. This powerful technology which we can see in Rapid Content Wizard is called as “Content Fusion” and it really is a very powerful technique.
  • Also the other features of Rapid Content Wizard which makes it even more powerful are
  • Using Rapid Content Wizard, we can create an article about a product from amazon.
  • We can create a Youtube video.
  • We can use our favorite spinners “Spin Rewriter” and “The Best Spinner” to spin this already spun content generated from Rapid Content Wizard
  • We can add a thumbnail image, add a youtube video, and add an image to the content automatically.
  • Generate tons of LSI keywords for our keyword, which we can use for our future posts.
  • Check how unique is the Rapid Content Wizard article by using copyscape.
  • Post directly to your Wordpress website right from Rapid Content Wizard software.
  • Setup campaigns which will post content to your websites forever in just 10 seconds.
  • Comes with powerful tools which will index your content in no time.