The Bride :

Brooke Lynn, (a.k.a. Brooke, Brookie Cookie, Broccoli, etc.) was born and raised in Washington state. She has always had strong relationships with her mom and dad and has gained a greater love for her siblings now that they are grown. Brooke loves cooking, creating things, and the outdoors. After graduating from high school, she began studies at the University of Washington where she earned her bachelor's degree in anthropology. After graduation, Brooke began looking for a career that would allow her to travel and improve herself. She joined the US Army which has granted her the opportunity to learn a foreign language, see interesting places, and meet new people - including her groom, Caleb Goodin.

The Groom:

Caleb Goodin was born and raised in small-town Blossom, Texas. After graduating from Prarieland High School, he began studying at the local college and found a job in IT. Looking for some adventure, Caleb joined the US Army and served his country for a few years. Though he hasn't yet decided whether to go back to college or find a new job in IT, he is certain he wants to practice his hobbies of building furniture, shooting, working on cars, and going on adventures with Brooke while they are stationed in Texas.

The Event:

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2 years ago

I'm so excited for you guys, and I hope everything works out so I can be there for your wonderful day!