my pictures

this picture repersent balance because if that frog moves any more its going to lose it position but its has balance.

this show proportion because you can see that the guy is too big for the scooter and proportion is all about size with other objects.

this photo show unity because everyone conected and in Completeness and harmony

this pictures shows Graduated Rhythm because its getting bigger when its close up but then small when its in a distance.

this picture shows economy art because it has basic elements but it shows a strong message

this picture shows Random Rhythm because it shows the same element just in random places over and over

this picture shows contrast because it stands out a object in a picture and you notice it

this picture shows Emphasis because it draw attention to one area which is her lips

this shows point because it indicate a location which is the middle

this picture shows line because the cones define a boundary same as a a line

this picture shows color because you can tell that the peppers are red and orange anf that are warm colors

this picture show value because the blue go from light to dark same as the red

this picture show shape because it has circles triangles and more.

this picture show form because it has a 3D volume and solid

this picture show space because you can see depth with the latter

this picture shows texture becuase you can see the the wall looks rough.

this picture show rectangle because its a parallelogram with 90 degree angles.

this picture show square because its a reglular polygon with 4 equal sides and 90 degree angles.

this picture hows a right triangle because the sandwitch is shape as a triangle with a 90 degree angle.

this picture is a quadrilateral because it has 4 sides

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