Google Searching Tips

Search By Site

By using ":site", you can search for content on a specific website and filter out results from other sites. For example, I typed "funny cat videos site:" into Google and got video results from only YouTube.

Define Words

If you put "define" in front of a word, Google will pull up its definition for you. For example, I entered "define soliloquy". This is what I got.

Get the Weather

You can see what the weather is like anywhere by typing "weather" and the city. For example, I typed "weather tokyo". This is what the weather is like in Tokyo.

Get the News

If you enter a keyword that you want to find news about then click the "News" tab, it will pull up world news with that keyword. For example, I entered "tsunami" and clicked the "News" tab.

Excluding Words From Your Search

If you want to search for something, such as a recipe, and you don't want a specific word in your results, you can put "-" before the word you want excluded. For example, I wanted to look up a recipe for sugar cookies without butter, so I entered "sugar cookie recipe -butter".

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