Are you still trying to figure out where Chromebooks might fit into your math class? In this session, we will explore tools that enable students to dig deeper into mathematical ideas and develop better understanding of their mathematical world through “Google powered” collaboration and creativity.

#MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere)

These are not "apps" but amazing blogs by math teachers shared via twitter! Learn how others are creating learning experiences! (Right click and open in new tab!)

Connect Middle/High School Classes in a Desmos Classroom

This is a new venture by Desmos that I am super excited about! Teachers create classrooms for students to join. While running various activities, teachers can immediately see where kids are on their screens and can join while also providing feedback to facilitate learning.

Learn, Create and Explore in Math

The following links will open directly to the Chrome Web Store!

Build Custom Math Widgets with Wolfram Alpha

Create your own math widget and embed it into your website or blog!

Using the Chrome App, Access Wolfram Alpha's widget launcher!

Add Equations/Graphs into Docs

The G(Math) add-on allows users to add equations/graphs into docs. It does require some knowledge of LaTex. Not familiar with LaTex? See tweet below straight from Desmos on using their platform to grab LaTex.

Daum Equation Editor can do that for you too. Or you can just create the equation in Daum Equation in any size or color, save image to drive and insert into your document. As for graphing, there is always Desmos!


Expanding on student creativity in math with chromebooks!

6 Word Stories Math Stories

Using only 6 words and imagery, students share a learning concept or design an idea. Students can use a number of apps for this depending on grade level. The example below was from a HS algebra 1 class using Canva. These images can be used to steer conversations deeper from a real world lens.

Other Tools for Math Storytelling

Collaborative Student Notes/Graphics

Create a space where students can share ideas, questions, aha-moments and even videos. Turn your link into a QR code so students can scan & share via mobile device.

Explore Patterns & Create Digital Posters

I love this site because it is a collection of over 100 different algebraic patterns. From an elementary lens, students can explain patterns and come up with what comes next. Older students can determine equations and create "Frayer-like" posters including verbal description, visual representation, equation and graph. Awesome to explore with Desmos!

Digital Stories with Voice

One of the best things that we can do for kids is to listen to their explanations in math beyond the work that they put on paper. Using a tool like Narrable, teachers create classrooms and students collaboratively create voice embedded slides using their own devices.

Movenote allows students to add voice to images/documents but to collaborate, students must use the pause feature and share a device.

Create Math Conversations

Watch Me Talk About Math Stories

Visit my Other Tackk on Digital Storytelling in Math!

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