Google Docs Quick Create:
One of My Favorite
Google Chrome Extensions

What is a Google Chrome Extension?  

  • An extra program installed in Chrome browser
  • Extends Chrome‚Äôs capabilities
  • Customize the user experience

Google Docs Quick Create

Fantastically SIMPLE way to launch a Google App!

When you install this extension, it creates an extension icon in your Extension Bar that looks like the Google Drive icon.  When you click on it, a drop down menu appears, allowing you to select from a list of Google Apps.  

Step 1: Search to "Get It"

Step 2:  "Install It"

Step 3: Confirm Installation/Add

Step 4: Utilize Extension

What's Your Favorite Google Chrome Extension?
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2 years ago

This is literally a life saver! Thanks for sharing yet another secret... That's not so much a secret. Lol

2 years ago

@shainaglass I know, right?!!? You are so welcome! I use it a hundred times a day!