Google Drawings literally provides a blank canvas for creating almost anything! With all the same magical features as Docs, such as: sharing, comments, revision history, and research functions, Google Drawings has great power!

Some Examples include:

  • Demonstrating knowledge & understanding by assembling a diagram & identifying/labeling the parts
  • Creating a timeline diagram
  • Analyzing information on a venn diagram
  • Evaluating information by sorting, classifying, or categorizing information


Click on the Images for Links to the Documents

2nd Grader's Solar System Drawing

8th Grader's Timeline Drawing

4th Grader's Venn Diagram

3rd Grader's Classification Drawing

Google Templates

  • There are many templates made by other people in the template gallery.
  • When you find one that you'd like to use, you can simply click on the button that says, "Use this template."
  • A copy of that document will then open in a new tab for you to use, alter, and edit to meet your needs.


Reading Strategies Template

One-Page Newsletter Template

Tutorial Videos