Google Drive = Magic

Magical doesn't begin to describe Google Drive!  Before cloud storage space existed, I spent years saving files to USB drives or emailing files back and forth from home to work.  Then, I discovered another cloud storage space program, but the problem was...I kept filling it up so fast.  I encouraged friends and family to use it so I could earn more GB of space, but I still filled it up!

Then...when I met Google Apps, my life changed forever!  Besides the fact that my Google Drive came with over 30 GB of free storage space standard, then, I bought a Google Chromebook and got 100 GB for free!  And...with a Google Apps for Education account, storage space is unlimited!

Google Drive is easy to use and can be accessed from any device: computer, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Android Tablet, and more!

What can I store?

You can store just about any file in Google Drive.  Some examples include:

  • text documents (Google Docs or other word processing files including Microsoft Word)
  • photos
  • designs
  • drawings
  • audio recordings
  • videos

What else can I do with Drive?

You can SHARE these files!!!  With Google Drive, you can almost effortlessly share files with others without needing to attach them to an email!

You can CREATE with Google Drive!  

  • Automatically create a:
    • Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Presentation, Google Drawing, or a Google Form
  • Option to link more apps to Google Drive, too!
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Is Google Drive secure?

Absolutely!  Google Drive uses the same security protocols that Gmail and other Google Services have in place.  SSL encryption keeps files safe & secure.

What about integration with other Google Services?

Integration seems to be Google's middle name these days!  Drive is basically the centralized hub...the backbone of the integration process.  

  • If you already use Gmail, you can “auto-magically” save attachments to drive.
  • If you are building a Google Site, all of your Drive files are accessible & can easily be included.

How can I find Google Drive?

  • In any web browser:
      • When you are logged in to your Google Account, typing this URL into a web browser (on a computer) will take you to your Google Drive
      • If you are not logged in, you will be directed to do so
  • In Google Chrome
  • On a mobile device
    • Google Play Store
    • App Store for Apple

Can I search in Google Drive?

Absolutely!  Google Drive has the same POWERFUL search engine that drives the Google search!  Find any file:

    • Search by file name or text within a document
    • Drive can also recognize objects in your images
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Drive for Android

  • With the Drive for Android App
    • scan all paper documents
    • take a photo
    • Drive stores them as PDF’s
  • Organize
    • receipts
    • letters
    • statements

Check out more details on how to scan to PDF from your Android phone by checking out the Tackk below.  (Be sure to click BACK to come back to this Tackk.)

Can I work offline with Drive?


  • Option to turn on “offline files”
  • View them even when you don’t have access to the internet

How can I learn more about Drive?

Check out the videos below:

  • Intro to Google Drive
  • Organizing Your Google Drive
  • Moving a Folder Out of Another Folder in Google Drive

Thanks for reading!
Please let me know if you need help!

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2 years ago

I'm counting on Google Drive being one of the major benefits of adopting Google Apps for Education at my school!

2 years ago

Free, secure, unlimited cloud storage...what's not to love?! 😉