Create a Study Aide Using Google Forms and Autocrat

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Create a Study Aide Using Google Forms and Autocrat

Google Forms have become a standard in data collection and, in some cases, assessment. Students frequently ask for study guides, self-tests, and other learning aides they see as helpful in their preparation for course assessments. Here is a way you can help, and see where they’re struggling.
Google Form
Google Form response spreadsheet
Google Doc

*NOTE: Gmail is an invisible need. In my experience, your Google installation must have it for this to work, but you will not configure Gmail in these instructions.

Step 1
Create a folder for this study guide, in which you save all of the files you create.

Step 2
Create your Google Form study guide. This may look like a sample test or exam, or even a
series of “think about it” questions, with text answers.
Step 3
Go to the spreadsheet that will collect the answers for your form. You can find this by
clicking Responses, then View Responses. When the spreadsheet opens, click Add-ons, then Get add-ons. When the script gallery opens, search for, and install Autocrat.
Step 4
Now, take some time to think about design. I found this blog link very useful when I was deciding how to use AutoCrat in my work.

Autocrat is built on the premise that Form responses will be piped into the document template via mail merge tags that look like this:
<<mail merge tag>>

What would you want the message you send to your students to say?
What feedback would you want to give them for each question? You might want to tell
them what they answered, then give them some background. Right? Start experimenting
with designing your memo now.

Step 5
When you have everything ready, click Add-ons, then autoCrat, then Launch. You will be walked through the process.

Step 6
After you have configured AutoCrat, make sure you fill out the form to make sure that the report it spits out looks like you expect, and will be useful to your students. Additional
support resources are included below.

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