Google HangOuts vs. HangOuts on Air: What's the Difference?

Did you know?

Google Hangouts allow a small groups to “meet” virtually, whereas Hangouts on Air provide a no-cost and easily accessed way to live stream events.

Up to ten Google Plus accounts–including yours–can participate in a Hangout! During a Hangout, participants can video conference, online chat, screen share, and more. You can invite members of the Aldine iTech community, or anyone else with a Google Plus account to participate. Up to ten Google Plus accounts can also participate during a Hangout-on-Air. However, an unlimited number of people can view a Hangout on Air, and viewers do not need a Google account at all.

Some ideas or ways to use Hangouts

Here's a few uses for Hangouts:

  • virtual office hours
  • invite off-site guest lecturers for classes
  • stream an event to allow viewing by people that cannot attend live
  • team up with peers at other colleges for a remote joint class

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Getting Started with Google HangOuts....

Below are some quick instructions to get you started using Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air with your Windows PC or Macintosh OS. For more information, such as using Google Hangouts from your mobile device, see

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