Sometimes, I start playing with a new tool and completely kick myself for not doing it sooner!  Google Keep is one of those!  It's just this amazingly simple but powerful tool that I started using this week when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night.

I started playing with it on my Android phone, and then when I got up the next morning, I checked out the results in my Chrome Browser.  

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a wonderful program that allows users to quickly and easily create, access and organize notes, lists and photos.

Before discovering Keep, I'd been using note-making app on my Android phone, and I loved it. I loved that I could make lists, check items off lists, and color my notes for easy sorting! But...I really wanted a way to share a note. I wanted to create a grocery list that I could share with my daughter so she could add items to it. I tried to do that with a shared Google Doc, but I didn't like it as well because I loved the function of being able to check items off the list. So, I went back to the other app even though the sharing wasn't there.

So, needless to say, the fact that I can share these notes with my family, allowing them to edit them if need be, is a huge bonus!

Access on Your Computer

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Access on Your Mobile Device

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What does it look like on the computer?

This is what Google Keep (accessed by typing: in your address bar) looks like when you first start using the program.  There are 4 notes with information on them.

How Do I Work Within
Google Keep?

A New Note

When you start a new note, you simply type in the title. Then, you can choose to start typing where it has the words, "Add note."

Other Options:

Or you can select from one of the many options:

  • Set a Reminder
  • Share with Others
  • Change Color of Note
  • Create a List
  • Add an Image

Sample: Grocery List & Reminder Options

When setting a need to turn on browser notifications:

Sharing a Note

Sharing is similar to Google Docs sharing. You simply type the email address of the person with whom you'd like to share.

The people with whom you've shared your note conveniently appear at the bottom of the note.

The person with whom you've shared gets an email (just like with a Google Doc).

Menu Options

There is a menu icon at the top left of the screen.  (To note: the 3 horizontal lines icon has become a pretty standard icon for a "menu." Click on them whenever you see them...they'll often have additional options for you to explore!)

When you click on the menu, you see:

Reminders Menu Option

Archive Menu Option

When you "archive" a note, it is stored in a different place that you can access should the need arise.  So, for example, I selected "Archive" on the note above, and it put it in the Archive (which is a menu option).

Quick Start Notes

Google Keep allows you to start a note quickly by selecting either the "New List" or "Add an Image" icons.

Android Interface

Great Mobile Features

The Android app interface is very simple to use!

  1. Can add a new note.
  2. Create a new list.
  3. Record your voice to create a note.
  4. Use the camera on your phone to add a photo.

Below those icons, your Notes are listed.  You'll see in the picture below, that my first note is an image note--I took a picture of a receipt that I needed to record in my checking account later. Below that is my grocery list.

Everyday Applications

Set a reminder on a photo note:

Get Rid of Post-It Notes!

There are so many ways to use Google Keep:

  • Grocery Lists
  • Financial Reminders
  • Any Kind of Reminders!
  • Voice Notes
  • Photo Notes
  • Location & Time Specific Notes
  • Sync All Devices (iOS does have a similar app that is compatible)

Educational Applications

Basic Note Taking

While Google Keep is not meant to be as robust as Google Docs, Evernote, or Microsoft OneNote, it does have basic note-taking ability.

Organization & Time-Management

Students can easily manage their complex lives by creating notes with reminders based on time or location!  For example, when a student arrives at the library, Google Keep on her mobile device will remind her to ask the librarian a question.  Or when she arrives home, Google Keep on her mobile device will remind her to look for a library book.

Do You Use Google Keep?
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