7 Awesome Google Tricks You'll Love

Ever since Google was founded way back when scrunchies and The Notorious B.IG. were popular, Google has beaten out libraries as the #1 research tool. When ever we ask someone a question, and they don't know the answer, they say, "Google it." So, without a doubt, just like YouTube, Google is taking this world by storm with it's seemingly endless information. But, Google execs have managed to have a little bit of fun with their masterpiece. They've hidden quite a bit of tricks and treats in Google. So, with that in mind, enjoy!

Image Breakout

Remember the old Atari game Breakout? Yeah, well Google brought it back. Just search Atari Breakout in the search bar, go to images, and BAM! You're back in the 80's. In Image Breakout your goal is to destroy all of the images, without losing your balls. This Google trick is genius because it brought an old game to a new format. And now, you don't even need a quarter!

Zerg Rush

Watch out for those o's! Unlike the last entry, Zerg Rush is a completely new game created by Google. Simply search up Zerg Rush on Google and get ready to play! The object is to save the Google links from the o's by clicking on them repeatedly, killing them. At the end, the o's form a "GG" meaning "Good Game" It's an old-style game in a new-style format!

The Doctor's TARDIS in Street View

All you Doctor Who fans, this is for you! Copy and Paste "Tardis Doctor Who, Earls Court Road" in street view, and get treated to The Doctor's mean, lean time-traveling machine! Yeah. There's really not much to say about this... enjoy.

Bacon Numbers

Remember that old "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game? Yeah, well, Google rehashed that too. (What is it with Google and old games?) Simply type in your favorite celebrity and the words "bacon number" and find out how that celebrity is connected with Kevin Bacon. Try to get as high a number as possible. The highest score I got was three, with Pitbull, maybe you can do better!

EPIC Google

No explanation needed here. Just type in "Epic Google" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" and have a totally EPIC Google experience.

Google Guitar

Are you too lazy to learn the guitar in real life? Is the internet your sole purpose in life? Than Google Guitar is the best thing for you! Simply type in "Google Guitar " in the search bar, hit "I'm feeling lucky" and strum away. And if you're STILL too lazy to make your own songs, just Google it! There's PLENTY of people that aren't as lazy as you!

Do a Barrel Roll!

Man. I guess Google really likes old video games Type in "Do a barrel roll" into the search bar, and, you guessed it, Google does a barrel roll.