What If You Googled Yourself?

What Would the World of
Social Media Say About You & Your Character?

As we teach own kids & students about social media, digital citizenship, and citizenship in general, one of the best things we can have them do is to GOOGLE themselves!  

Challenge Them:

Help them discover what their digital footprint LOOKS like!

Have students search through their social media worlds and take screen captures of POSITIVE moments that they would like to share with the world.

Have the conversation about the present and the future!

The Present:
Get them thinking about who they are now...who would they be willing to show their posts to...outside of their peer group.  How many could they show to Mom or Dad?  Grandparents? Aunts? Uncles? Teachers?

The Future:
Ask students to jump forward in time 5 or 10 years.  Get them to think about potential employers, friends at the time, parents, and eventually their own children.

Have the conversation about how anything online NEVER goes away.

Then...have them pour through their social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and have them create screen captures that they can then put into a presentation format...using Google Slides, Tackk, or many other formats.

Be sure they include posts from others ABOUT them also if possible!

Bottom Line:

What are they saying about themselves when they post?  

And...what are others saying about them?

To Note:  I used the Google Chrome Extension, "Awesome Screenshot" to create these captures.  Then, I saved them as .png files to a folder on my hard drive to be used later.  To install that extension, click on the button below.

Examples Below

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