How to format your assignment Tackks.

For all periods of Ms. Gordimer's history class

All assignments will be completed on Tackks and must use the following format to be accepted and graded. NOTE: not following all elements of this format may result in NO CREDIT for your assignment.

Five things to include on all of your assignments:

1. Your Student Number
First line should say: STUDENT NO. XX. Insert a heading using the widget bar and use the smallest font size. Replace XX with your assigned student number.

2. Assignment Number
Second line should start with Assignment #Y. Insert a heading using the widget bar and use the medium or large font. Replace Y with the assignment number.

3. Assignment Title
Place a colon after "Assignment #Y" and then type the title of your assignment. A standard title might be provided in the assignment. If one is not provided, please write an appropriate title yourself.

4. The Assignment
Use the widget bar to add appropriate headings, text, images, videos and other media to build your assignment. Refer to the original assignment Tackk for specifications on what your project should include. I suggest you write your text in a document on your computer before pasting it into your Tackk. Always check for grammar and spelling, too.

5. Tags
To turn in your assignment, you MUST tag it! Tags are created and edited in the fourth tab of the edit panel. Please use three tags — Gordimer, History (Period Number) and the assignment tag (see original assignment Tackk for this exact tag).

Go ahead, get creative.

Feel free to get creative with your Tackks — use colors, fonts, backgrounds that enhance presentation of your assignments. You can also incorporate multimedia, when appropriate and effective. These are hybrid lessons, combining composition, research and technology.