1984 Project

Below is a sample of what is required for your nine weeks project. Below is a checklist of what is required for this assignment. Make sure that everything is uploaded to TACKK and that you share the link with me when you are finished. Everything will be due on midnight, February 28th.

  1. Name / Motto for your group.
  2. Flag + Symbolism behind it.
  3. Country Constitution
  4. Figurehead Characteristics
  5. Figurehead Origin Story
  6. Anthem / Song / Poem
  7. 2 Propaganda Posters
  8. Ministry of Truth / Torture Rm. 101 story
  9. Animoto Video

The Grand Duchy of Midgardsormr

Create a motto for your country -->  Aut Vincere Aut Mori

"Conquer or Die"  

The Flag of Midgard

Use the button below to make your flag. Due to technical difficulties, see the FAQ below for instructions on saving the image of your flag. (See below in the FAQS section, "I can't save my flag!").

Flag Symbolism:

Tell us what each color / object in your flag means. Example Below:

  • Blue: Representing our savior and lord, Leviathan.
  • Green: Representing the land, the gift from Leviathan's grace.
  • White: The innocence of those Leviathan protects.
  • Midgard's Tree: The Grand Tree, the origin of all life.

The Constitution of Midgard


Below is your format for the constitution for your country / rebellion. Be sure to fill out each "Article". Think of these as the basic rights for your citizens. Remember: No country sees themselves as evil, so don't portray yourself as corrupted.


Constitution of

[insert Country name here]



The name of this country will be [insert name here].



The purpose of this country is to provide …

List reasons for existence, goals of the country, etc.

Examples may include: Provide a sense of community; Maintain academic freedom; Promote leadership skills; etc.


What are the requirements to be a citizen of your country? What are the expectations that each citizen will have? What does the government request all citizens to do to support their country?


Who will be in charge of this country? What type of government system will this country have? (Explain in detail how a leader is elected [if that is even an option]) What protections will be made to ensure that the government will / cannot be corrupt?


What are the responsibilities of the government? What does the government promise to provide it citizens? What are the responsibilities of the people?


What are some laws that will defend the people? List the most important laws that will be enforced in your country. (You will go into more detail when you create your bill of rights.) Have at least 10 laws minimum.


What type of education systems will your country have? Will it be a form of free education? Will citizens have to pay for it? What about universities and colleges? What do you do with people who do not want an education?


What will be the symbol and flag for your country? What is the meaning behind its design?


What, or who, will be the figurehead of your country? (Think of this as your “mascot”. In 1984, it was Big Brother.)


Many of you have been relying on Google images to simply pick a random photo, use it out of context, and plaster it onto your project with no real effort. As a result, you must now use your own photo for a figurehead. Once you have the photo edit your partners face onto another photo / image. Use differing tones to blend the image... The results will be far more personalized, unique, and comedic.

For Example

Our Savior the Arch Duke

Credit for Dahlia Perez and Ace Morley for giving me permission to post the picture.

Characteristics and Abilities:

What power or powers does your figurehead have? What makes them so awesome? Fill that out here.

The Story of Our Savior:

Create a short story about the origins of your figurehead. Have at least 300 words for their origins. Feel free to add pictures / images to support your storytelling.

National Anthem / Song / Poem

Create a song, poem, or national anthem for your country. It should represent all the same ideas that you show in your constitution, or relate to the story of your savior in some shape or form. Below are two examples of countries that have their own.

Propaganda Posters

Create 2 Propaganda Posters that spread your "agenda"

Each poster should have a different theme.

Poster 1: Pro-country / dystopia that makes your country awesome, or encourages people to fight for you.

Poster 2: Anti-rebellion poster that defames the enemy. Make them look bad, etc.

The Ministry of Love

Design your own version of RM. 101. What would be your "creative process" for getting people to agree with ideas of your party? Remember, that as you write these, you must use euphemisms to describe the process. Oceania never admits that they are evil, so you should do the same. 300 Word Minimum.

Propaganda Video

Create a video / slideshow for your country. It should match the positive themes for your group, or attack the opposing rebellion.

Websites You Will Need

For Making your Flag.

For Creating Your Video

For Creating Your Propaganda Posters

Extra Credit Opportunities

Want to be awesome and get extra credit towards your final grade? Try these suggestions:

  • Sing your national anthem and upload it with your Animoto video.
  • Create an audio leak of the torture that happens in RM. 101. Record your voices, then upload it (I can help you with this). (Rebellion group only)
  • Create a radio infomercial of the "reeducation" process (see: torture) that makes your "Ministry of Love" seem right. Record your voices, then upload it (I can help you with this)    (Dystopia Group Only.)
  • Create a live-action propaganda video from scratch. If you would like to use a green-screen, I can help you with this...


(Frequently Asked Questions for you Noobs.)


A: Can't help you there sorry. Try the "lost my password" link if they have one, but I have no access to your account at all. Write down your passwords, or use a note app on your phone if you feel you are going to forget.

Q: I can't save my flag!

A: Since we are using the Macs we have a little disadvantage, but this is easy to fix.

1. Make your flag.

2. Click "open as standalone.svg" (This is below your design)

3. Take a screenshot. For Macs Press: Shift + Command + 3 (at the same time). The image will be placed on the desktop.

4. Open pixlr or any other photo editing software that you are familiar with and crop the image out.

5. Save the image, and you can now upload it to TACKK.

Q: My image won't upload! It says, "Unsupported file type".

A: TACKK doesn't support bmp file types from what I have seen. It does support, gif, jpg, and png filetypes which are fairly common. Whenever you create your image and get an option to save it, make sure that it has gif / jpg / png as its extension. In other words:

Ex:     Nameofmyfile.jpg


Simply writing "gif" or "jpg" at the end won't do anything. Usually there is a little drop bar that lets you choose a filetype. Canva defaults to png. If you're technically savvy, you can just use pixlr to open the file, and just save it as something else that TACKK supports.

Q: Do we have to use TACKK? Can't I just write it on paper?!

A: 1) Yes.  

     2) No. This whole project has been digitized to encourage collaboration. Like it or not, technology is the future.

Q: How do I use Google Docs for real time editing?

A: First make a google account. If you have youtube account, you probably already have one. Go to the "Google Drive" app. Google Drive is basically a USB on the internet.

Upload the file to your drive.

Double-click the file you want to share.

Click Share (top right)

Click "Get a shareable link".  

Make sure that it says "Anyone with the link can edit".

Cut and paste the link and email it to a friend. If the link is too long, use google shortener here:


You can now edit the file simultaneously. I will also add commentary as you complete your constitution. Do not share your link with anyone else besides your partner.

Q: How did you make those blue bars to separate everything on this TACKK? I don't like the solid white going across all of the pages.

A: Using firefox I downloaded a plugin called. MeasureIt. Get it here.


This only works for firefox. It lets you measure the amount of pixels you will need for your image.

First I measured the space I wanted to cover, and how tall, etc.

Then I went to www.canva.com.

I selected: "Use custom dimensions".

I put in the sizes I needed (x,y)

Made a solid colored object (Or you could make a pattern, a picture, anything really).

At every break on TACKK I just put an image. It makes everything look nice and neat.

Q: How do I get my grade?

A: Email your completed TACKK url to me. You can also use a custom name assuming its not already taken to make it easy to remember.M

My email is: agoule01@sisd.net

Q: When is this due?

A: Saturday the 28th, by Midnight.