Imagery in the Martian Chronicles

Rocket Summer [touch] [page 1]

Then a long wave of warmth crossed the small town. A flooding sea of hot air; as it seemed someone had left a bakery door open. The heat pulsed among the cottages and bushes and children. The icicles dropped, shattering, to melt. The doors flew open. The windows flew up. The housewives shed their bear disguises. The snow dissolved and showed last summers ancient green lawns.

The Summer night [sound]

"In Mars the brown Martian people with gold coin eyes were leisurely met to fix their attention upon stages where musicians made a serene music flow up like a blossom scent still in the air".

The Earth Men [sound]

"The voices faded to a murmur and then were silent. There was not a sound in the house. All the men could hear their own breathing."

The Musicians [smell]

"They carries odorous paper bags into which from time to time upon the long walk they would inhale the rich smell of ham and mayonnaised pickles, and to listen to the gurgle of the orange soda in the warming bottles."

Usher II [sight] [page 103]

"During the dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of they year, when the clouds hung  oppressively low in the heavens..."

Usher II [sight] [page 104]

"Stendal drank it in, the dreariness, the oppression, the fetid vapors, the who atmosphere, so delicately contrived and fitted. And that House! That crumbling horror, that evil lake, the fungi, the extensive decay! Plastic or otherwise, who could guess?"

Rocket summer [touch] [page 1]

"The snow, falling from the cold sky upon the town, turned to a hot rain before it touched the ground"

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